Sauna and Wellness in your 5-star hotel in the Ahrntal Valley

Sophisticated materials, local wood and picturesque panorama create ambience. To help you take a deep breath. To feel free. A little bit more for every moment.

Natural, centuries-old wood from hay barns creates a feeling of tradition and comfort, while the window provides glimpses of the natural surroundings outside – all part of your sauna experience. Watch as the snowflakes transform the world outside, as the warmth opens up the pores in your skin. This is Alpine wellness in your hotel in the Ahrntal Valley.

The steam bath, in elegant Hammam style, is particularly health-promoting during the cold seasons. Gently inhaling the steam moistens your mucous membranes, while expanded blood vessels transport oxygen for enhanced regeneration of organs and muscles after an unforgettable day in the Ahrntal Valley pistes. Precious essential oils ensure deep relaxation and have a special effect on your well-being. 

Great for your skin and respiratory tract. Experience healthy relaxation in the salt water steam bath – just like after a day at the sea. Stay calm for longer. The mild temperatures, at just 50 °C, with  maximum air humidity, yield a gently relaxing experience.

The aroma of hay flowers, pine needles and precious mountain herbs in the guise of a beneficial decoction evaporates and becomes part of the lovely warm air in our herbal sauna. The healing essences reach your respiratory tract via the moisture in the air, clearing then and enabling you to breathe deeply and  relax.

The laconium is a dry sauna with pleasantly mild temperatures. Ideal for detoxing and purifying  – even for anyone who finds standard saunas too hot. The circulation is not stressed to such an extent and you can lie back and relax – for up to an hour for a completely new feeling of well-being. In between times cool off with fresh spring water. For ideal circulation and renewed freshness.

Fire has been a fascination since the beginning of time. It attracts us, simultaneously calming and inspiring. Our fire room is a relaxation room with specifically shaped relaxation loungers, pleasing temperatures and a flame forming the centrepiece of the room, which provides a unique atmosphere. Relaxation is wellness. Of which there is plenty in our hotel in the Ahrntal Valley. Enjoy it.

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Yoga is an integral component of the wellness offer in our 5-star hotel in the Ahrntal Valley.

Flowing movements, gentle shape corrections, guided breathing exercises and healthy stretching, based on teachings that have spanned several millennia, are part of the wellness programme in our hotel in the Ahrntal Valley. Follow the guidance provided by our qualified and experienced Yoga instructor Sabrina and be beguiled by the natural surroundings around you. Fresh air, healthy nutrition and our wellness world in our hotel in the Ahrntal Valley makes your holiday in South Tyrol a holistic pleasure-filled time, breathing new life into body, mind and soul.

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