5-star holiday in South Tyrol: Welcome to Alpenpalace

The appeal of the personal

Time is priceless. Luxury an attitude to life which is reflected in every courteous gesture and in every fulfilled desire. We see it as an objective and a passion at the same time to turn your 5-star holiday in South Tyrol into a celebration – and into a new meeting with the magnificence of being, and that feeling of joie de vivre which actually touches your heart.

We, the Mairhofer Family, as your host, are able to look back upon a long tradition of hospitality and of welcoming people. Indulgence is an unmitigated passion for us today, more than ever. We pay particular attention to our skilful cuisine, which, as well as an excellent range of wines, means that real gourmets are devotees of our hotel.

The exemplary wellness competence in the “The Art of Beauty by Alpenpalace” spa meets with our aspirations – and is a harmonious way to round off the range on offer in our luxury Hideaway.

South Tyrolean hospitality & Italian elegance

We believe that the loveliest path to happiness during a holiday lies in the intermingling of alpine lifestyle and Italian noblesse. As South Tyroleans, we feel a connection to our region; we live in and love the region and its special features and are delighted to be able to share these with you.

Together with an excellently trained team of 70 staff and personalities from the Ahrntal Valley we create an all-round experience which remains authentic, yet nonetheless provides international style. We bring together influences from the Italian way of life with discretion and a wholly private realm.

In 2007 we completely devoted ourselves to creating a hotel which, in its details, serves to radiate the exceptional and makes your 5-star holiday in South Tyrol distinctive. We look forward to providing you with a very high level of indulgence.

A sustainable 5-star holiday in South Tyrol

In harmony with nature

Having grown up in one of the loveliest alpine regions with all its protected stomping grounds and close to one of the most impressive landscapes in the world, the UNESCO-protected Dolomites, it is a matter of course for us that we preserve what is special and protect what is precious.

This is why we place a great deal of value in our 5-star hotel in the Ahrntal Valley on being mindful of how we use all our resources. In our cooking we prefer to use produce which is from the region and which is organically produced; the facilities in our hotel have, for the most part, been created by local companies and carpenters and when it comes to building technology, we use computer-controlled systems in individual rooms, heat recovery in all the refrigeration systems to provide hot water and much more.

Even the mini-bar in the room is only refrigerated if the room is actually occupied. If the room is not occupied, the entire electric circuit there is switched off. LED lights and energy-saving lights are further elements. We get our heat from the district heating system which uses local biomass sources. This saves greenhouse gases and CO2 and strengthens the regional supply chain. Responsible refuse sorting and appropriate recycling by our own dedicated staff ensures that this loop of sustainable hotel management is also consistently closed.

A successful 5-star holiday in South Tyrol

The Alpenpalace pledge

“Excellence on every level, an engaging ambience, appreciably close to nature, detailed luxury and pleasure for all the senses is our proven recipe for inspiration. Exceeding your expectations time and again; surprising you and winning you over, that is the aim of our work, which is wholly oriented to ensuring you enjoy really precious days. Authentic and tactful in every encounter; with every dish and every treatment being unique and with every room in our luxury hideaway & spa retreat a place which is exceptional and unique.”

Jonas Mairhofer, your host in Alpenpalace

5-star Best Wellness holiday in South Tyrol

From the very beginnings to the present day with the power of the Alps

Best Alpine Wellness Hotels can look back on more than a quarter of a century of success. Today, as always, our guests and their well-being are our priority. The family-run 4 and 5-star superior spa hotels not only offer the highest quality and a heavenly ambience, but their family tradition and passion for the well-being of the guests puts them ahead of the rest. The excellent recreational opportunities offered by Best Alpine Wellness Hotels are based on a holistic approach to harmonise body, mind and soul.

In the heart of the mountains

The 16 family-run Best Alpine Wellness Hotels are located in the most beautiful holiday locations amidst breath-taking alpine scenery, on lakes or in fashionable ski resorts and enjoy a conscious symbiosis with nature. Spread over Austria and South Tyrol, they enliven body, mind and soul with the power of the Alps and follow a sustainable and integrative wellness philosophy.

Putting people first

The biggest source of one’s own happiness is the family. It is this wisdom that ensures happiness for members of Best Alpine Wellness Hotels. All hotels are family-run and draw their strength from this. With heart and passion, with honest hospitality, and all for many generations. As a guest, you will be part of this family. Feel as though you’re home, be greeted by a beaming smile in the morning and a caring ‘good night’ at the end of the day. Hosts are devoted to their guests, particularly when it comes to food and drink. Many of their chefs are highly-decorated with stars, crests and forks, and surprise their guests with creative culinary creations. Regional cuisine and absolute product freshness are of the utmost importance in our hotels.

Quality of the pioneers

For Best Alpine Wellness Hotels, quality means the best amenities, first-class service and conscientiousness behind the scenes. The top hotels in the premium segment adhere to strict quality requirements. The specially developed QUALITY MYSTERY CHECKS ensure that our service is constantly optimised. As a guest, you too are an important pillar of quality assurance. With your feedback on surveys and booking platforms, you help create the basis for continuous improvement. Our hygiene tests, carried out by an independent testing institute, guarantee the highest quality for the food sector with the sophisticated HACCP control system.

Only the best for guests - MY ALPINE LIFE BALANCE

The philosophy of Best Alpine Wellness Hotels is to provide guests with premium quality wellness and spa facilities in an excellent setting so that they experience overall well-being. Therefore, it regularly invests in the areas of wellness and beauty as well as in product development. Following the successful introduction and establishment of our own product line BALANCE ALPINE 1000+, which draws its power from the Alps, the pioneers of the wellness industry are now continuing their journey. They place the individuality of the guest and their wishes and demands even more predominantly at the centre of the wellness experience and, with MY ALPINE LIFE BALANCE, present an innovative approach that is oriented towards individual needs.

MY ALPINE LIFE BALANCE is based on different applications and packages and focuses on the use of herbal essences, which are marked with different symbols. The requirements of the product change according to the season and any ongoing problems. Based on the symbols, the product can be adapted precisely to their current condition. The purity of the medicinal herbs, which thrive in purely organic alpine pastures over 1,000 m high, incorporate the latest scientific findings and traditional European medicine in the BALANCE ALPINE 1000+ product line, ensuring natural beauty, a deep sense of well-being, revitalisation of energy and sustainable balance. my alpine life balance


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An award-winning 5-star holiday in South Tyrol

Multi award-winning - Alpenpalace

We are honoured and it highlights our efforts that we as a 5-star hotel in South Tyrol have many awards to show today: