La Prairie Beauty & Spa in the deluxe hotel, Alpenpalace

Celebrate the Art of Beauty by La Prairie

Welcome to the inspiring realm of La Prairie. As one of the few spa resorts in the world in our hotel we provide you with the utmost of indulgence. Nourishing, precious and luxurious cosmetics from Swiss company La Prairie – applied in unique rituals, in a harmonious-elegant ambience – promises timeless beauty.

The repertoire ranges from exquisite cellular creams to serums, right the way through to the deeply effective skin care ranges which unfurl their extensive effect in their own specifically designed treatments. Our deluxe hotel and the La Prairie brand combine a continual search for perfection, a passion for what is genuinely valuable and a love of luxury, which means that you will find gems such as gold, caviar extracts and platinum here in the revolutionary formulae for cellular anti-aging treatments – and these become a part of the most exceptional formulae in the world.

Get advice tailored to suit your needs from our “The Art of Beauty by La Prairie” experts and find a collection of a new level, which meets all your requirements. Discover La Prairie.