Spa holiday supervised by Dr. med. univ. Rudolf Gruber

Holistic expertise for your own successful health outcome

Having grown up in the idyll of the Ahrntal valley, Dr. med. univ. Rudolf Gruber is connected in a special way to the region and its powerful tranquillity and strengths. Specialising in integrative medicine, he stands out in particular due to his broad and versatile perspective. As well as holding a doctorate in holistic medicine, he is fully trained in acupuncture and Chinese medicine and is a ‘Master of Acupuncture’.

He is a member of the ‘Kneippärztebund’, has very good knowledge conventional and complementary medicine and in European natural healing procedures as well as in Kneipp therapy, neural therapy, the promotion of symbiosis, intestinal regulation, orthomolecular medicine, naturopathic laboratory medicine, acid-base regulation and psychosomatic primary care.

Healing methods from the Far East are also part of his specialist areas. Using Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. med. univ. Rudolf Gruber works by diagnosing the 5 elements - pulse-tongue diagnosis, acupuncture, Tui Na massage, phytotherapy using Chinese herbs and nutritional recommendations according to the 5 elements.

The aim of your individual treatment under the guidance of Dr. med. univ. Rudolf Gruber is to maintain or restore health and optimally support well-being. As well as your short break in the Deluxe Hotel & Spa Resort Alpenpalace you also get tips and guidelines on how to enjoy a healthy life day-to-day, where a healthy lifestyle has a key role to play.

It is also about finding a healthy way to get back into daily life and a short break with us in South Tirol is ground-breaking. In keeping with your own specific life situation, after a considerable physical or mental strain, changing from one life phase to the next, having been through a life crisis or a protracted illness, the holistic approach to health used by Dr. med. univ. Rudolf Gruber will exert a special effect.

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