Medical Wellness in the Deluxe Hotel & Spa Resort Alpenpalace

Your route to new harmony taking centre stage

Health is and remains a great asset. Today and in the future society is placing new challenges upon our vitality and demands that we take responsibility when it comes to our health and that we act in a sensible manner.

Medical Wellness in the Deluxe Hotel & Spa Resort Alpenpalace is an effective and also an easy way to enhance and strengthen your own well-being, so you are able to sample the abundance and variety which life presents.

We see health as a balanced interplay of a great deal of internal and external factors and regard prevention and regeneration as the key to recovery, which is why our Alpenpalace Med Spa Concept uses a system comprising diagnosis and treatment forms and activates a holistic health process which can start even before you come to stay in our wellness and spa hotel – one which lasts well beyond the time you leave.

In our holistic health concept it is you as a person that is to the fore, with all your requirements, vital issues and wants - you will find a treatment which is as individual as you are.

We are happy to advise you in person. Contact us on +39 0474 670 230 or fill in our Med-Spa questionnaire.