Medical Spa with a holistic health concept

Six columns for renewed vitality

Strong health is built upon a robust foundation. With your Medical Spa stay in the Luxury Hideaway & Spa Retreat Alpenpalace you are setting a clear intention and creating a new basis for a life which will provide you with pleasure. Discover the six columns of our comprehensive Med Spa Concept in the heart of the unspoilt mountains of South Tirol.

Medical Spa in harmony with the natural surroundings

In conjunction with the healing power of nature

The power of the natural surroundings in the Ahrntal valley touches your senses – at the foot of the 80 majestic three-thousand metre mountains, it is a gem in the Alps, nestling in an unspoilt landscape which reveals a very special charm at any time of year – healthy forests, expansive pastureland, crystal-clear mountain streams, waterfalls and the tranquil mountain lakes also enable you to become at one with the boundless energy of the natural surroundings. To experience this and to take in its power is an essential part of your Medical Spa success.

Under the Alpine sunshine absolute tranquillity, moments where you get to take stock and getting back to basics await. In an ideal altitude location at 1000m, your spa hotel Alpenpalace with its 30,000 m2 private park is a gem in itself. Around our Deluxe Hotel & Spa Resort being nurtured and being in the natural surroundings is what you experience and this palpably promotes and strengthens your health.

Open up and feel the uniqueness of the climate in the Ahrntal valley - the combination of high Alpine and Mediterranean influences facilitates deep relaxation, activates your capacity to regenerate and to relax while out walking, hiking, on bike tours and on cross-country excursions.

Holistic Medical Spa Concept

We look at all of you, as a whole

Trust, empathy and a holistic expertise in health matters are what make our Medical-Spa team your new health network. We firmly believe that health can only succeed when it is regarded as the result of a harmonious totality and it is not achieved by ‘battling illness’, but by ‘promoting health’.

That is why we define the route to healing and prevention together with you. On the basis of comprehensive diagnostics we development a holistic treatment on several levels. Fundamental themes are detoxification and purification, exercise in the natural surroundings, perfectly tailored, light nutrition and discussions with our Medical-Spa team.

Their commitment and motivation are pivotal to achieving your health-oriented goals, every step of the way. On a medical and also on the therapeutic level they have an influence with their knowledge of health and their mindfulness, helping facilitate long-lasting well-being. They show you how to see your body as a valuable resource, to understand its signals and they provide constructive suggestions and easy instructions for you to implement at home.

With our holistic Medical Spa concept we herald the start of a wonderful change to your lifestyle and you can look forward to a new level of quality to your life, even from today. You will soon feel free, easy and healthy!

Detoxification and purification in the Medical Spa

Be ready for your fresh start

We all want health, beauty, vitality and a vibrant, attractive body. However, with our often negligent nutritional and exercise habits we do not really promote the liberating processes of detoxification and purification. Our Alpenpalace Med Spa Concept places particular emphasis upon in-depth detoxing to enable an effective change to your lifestyle.

Bespoke, finely tuned detoxification and purification therapies combined with beneficial cleansing rituals support your regeneration and palpably strengthen your body’s powers to heal itself. Exfoliation, baths, packs and massages boost the detoxification and deacidification of your body, while your diet, which comprises highly effective, healthy local produce, has a positive and healthy effect on your digestive system, paving the way for your new way of life.

Exercise, body & mind in the Medical Spa

Dynamism & energy for body and soul

The invigorating interaction between tension and relaxation, activity and well-earned rest, nature and exercise is one of the most important ‘columns’ of a health life.

With individual exercise therapies we activate and support your physical and spiritual regeneration – and with our Body & Mind programme, which is tailored to suit your needs, we create individual options for you to get out and exercise in the fresh air, the basis for dynamic vitality.

As well as motivational suggestions from our Medical-Spa team, the picturesque South Tirol landscape itself gives you an appetite to set new intentions beneath the Alpine sun. The objective is, step by step, to find out about your ability to exercise and to re-balance your body and soul.

Towards ideal nutrition with our Medical Spa

Re-balancing your metabolism

Digestive disturbances put a strain on day-to-day life. As a result, serious health disturbances often begin and these can have all kinds of symptoms. With in-depth analysis of the composition of any bacterial and also of any fungal and parasitic problems in your digestive tract and by determining possible food allergies and intolerances, we create the foundations for responsible nutritional advice.

Based upon the examinations mentioned we develop a bespoke nutritional concept, the aim of which is to re-harmonise and strengthen your metabolism – while at the same time being easy on your digestive system.

Your new nutritional recommendations will be implemented in our ‘toque’ level cuisine by chefs who are well-versed in meeting special dietary requirements. Contemporary cooking techniques retain the health-giving properties of food, while regional organic ingredients guarantee healthy enjoyment which you are then able to easily integrate into your life at home.

Medical Spa in luxurious seclusion

Discover the Deluxe Hotel & Spa Resort Alpenpalace

Harmony, protection and seclusion – the Luxury Hideaway & Spa Retreat Alpenpalace is surrounded by a 30,000 m² private garden area and provides a luxurious space in which you can feel free and where you are free to move about. In our 5-star resort we provide personal, familiar contact and want to provide you with two very special things – time and attention.

These positive, grounded and natural surroundings are the very place for this recovery process and for you to feel at one with the power of this dreamy Alpine landscape, which you can explore while you get out there and enjoy some exercise.

All this – ambience, the welcoming feeling, discretion, nature, pleasure and vitality – is what we see as ideal pre-requisites to rebalance your body, spirit and soul and for you find the key guides to enjoy a healthy, happy future.